Credit: NASA / Bill Ingalls

Falcon 9

Falcon 9 Name: Falcon 9
Manufacturer: SpaceX
Height: 70 m / 230 ft
Diameter: 3,7 m / 12 ft
  • 549 t / 1,210,000 lb
  • 330 t / 734,000 lb (version F9 v1.0)
  • LEO: 22,8 t
  • GTO: 8,3 t
Stages: 2
Engines first stage: 9 x Merlin 1D+
Engines second stage: 1 x Merlin 1D
Cost per launch: $50 million (reused)
Launch sites:
  • Cape Canaveral (USA)
  • Kennedy Space Center (USA)
  • Vandenberg Space Force Base (USA)
First launch: 04/06/2010 (version F9 v1.0)

Falcon 9

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