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Jared Isaacman is an American entrepreneur, pilot and commercial astronaut. He is the founder of the private air force provider Draken International and CEO of the payment processing company Shift4. In 2004, Isaacman began taking flying lessons after which he set a world record for circumnavigating the globe in 2019. He received a bachelor's degree in professional aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2011. Jared Isaacman is flight qualified in multiple military jet aircraft such as a privately owned MiG-29 Cold War jet and he performed in several airshows with the Black Diamond Jet Team. Isaacman was the commander of Inspiration4, a private spaceflight using SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft, launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on September 16, 2021. This first private human spaceflight lasted two days after which the four commercial astronauts landed at the Atlantic Ocean. Jared Isaacman will go a second time into space in 2024 during the Polaris Dawn private spaceflight.

Astronaut info

Country: USA USA
Born: February 11, 1983
  • Founder/CEO of Shift4
  • Founder of Draken International
Space missions:
  • Inspiration4 (2021)
  • Polaris Dawn (2024)
Spacewalks 0
Time in space 2d 23h 3m

Space missions overview

Mission Date launch Rocket Launch base Orbit Spacecraft Title Patch Duration
Inspiration4 16/09/2021

Kennedy Space Center (USA) 585 km SpaceX Crew Dragon CDR Inspiration4 2 days, 23 hours
Inspiration4 was a 2021 human spaceflight operated by SpaceX on behalf of Jared Isaacman. The mission launched the Crew Dragon Resilience on 16 September 2021from Kennedy Space Center's Launch Complex 39A atop a Falcon 9 launch vehicle. It placed the Dragon capsule into low Earth orbit with mission termination on 18 September 2021 when the spacecraft splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean. This was the first orbital spaceflight with only private citizens aboard and was part of a charitable effort on behalf of St. Jude's in Memphis, Tennessee. Jared Isaacman was mission commander during this space mission. The Crew Dragon docking adapter, normally used to dock with the International Space Station, was replaced for this mission by a single monolithic multi-layer domed plexiglass window inspired by the Cupola module, allowing 360° views outside Resilience's nose.
Polaris Dawn 2024

Kennedy Space Center (USA) 580 km SpaceX Crew Dragon CDR Inspiration4 /
Polaris Dawn is a planned private human spaceflight mission, operated by SpaceX on behalf of Jared Isaacman, scheduled to launch no earlier than early 2024. The crew will attempt the first commercial extravehicular activity (EVA) with SpaceX-designed EVA spacesuits.



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