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LOUISVILLE, Colo. – Mar. 20, 2024 – Sierra Space, a leading commercial space company and emerging defense tech prime building a platform in space to benefit and protect life on Earth, has achieved yet another milestone in space technology by providing the cutting-edge solar technology that powers Sidus Space’s first LizzieSat™ satellite, which successfully launched and deployed to Low Earth Orbit on March 4 as part of SpaceX’s Transporter-10 Rideshare mission.

Sierra Space provided a full shipset of eight deployable solar panels and one top plate to Sidus Space in an extraordinary feat of efficiency, delivering the hardware well ahead of schedule and completing the entire process from contract signing to hardware delivery in just 49 days.

The remarkable accomplishment underscores Sierra Space’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the commercial space industry. The solar panel shipset, tailored to LizzieSat’s unique specifications, included Sierra Space’s proprietary high-density cells mounted onto substrates meticulously crafted by Sierra Space engineers.

“Prior to shipment, rigorous testing ensured the functionality and readiness of the hardware for installation on LizzieSat,” said Rusty Thomas, Chief Technology Officer and SVP/GM of Space Applications at Sierra Space. “The successful collaboration between Sierra Space and Sidus Space exemplifies the spirit of innovation and partnership that drives our industry forward. We had a dedicated working group that swiftly addressed technical performance, cost, schedule and risk factors. This ensured a seamless process from order to delivery in just seven weeks.”

Sierra Space is utilizing high volume electronics manufacturing techniques for automated production of solar arrays using surface-mount-compatible solar cells. The arrays provide higher power density, reduced lead times and unparalleled resilience compared with conventional solar cell technologies. The company performed all tasks at its state-of-the-art facilities in Louisville, CO, and ensured the safe transport of the hardware to Sidus Space’s facility in Cape Canaveral, FL.

Sidus Space recently announced that it received signals from its satellite following the launch. The new satellite is positioned to revolutionize space-based data collection and analysis with its innovative Space Platform with a Purpose™ and FeatherEdge AI integration. The mission aims to broaden Sidus Space’s customer base across military and commercial sectors, offering tailored intelligence solutions for industries such as defense, agriculture, maritime and oil and gas.

About Sierra Space

Sierra Space is a leading commercial space company at the forefront of innovation and the commercialization of space in the Orbital Age®, building an end-to-end business and technology platform in space to benefit life on Earth. With more than 30 years and 500 missions of space flight heritage, the company is reinventing both space transportation with Dream Chaser®, the world’s only commercial spaceplane, and the future of space destinations with the company’s inflatable and expandable space station technology. Using commercial business models, the company is also delivering orbital services to commercial, DoD and national security organizations, expanding production capacity to meet the needs of constellation programs. In addition, Sierra Space builds a host of systems and subsystems across solar power, mechanics and motion control, environmental control, life support, propulsion and thermal control, offering myriad space-as-a-service solutions for the new space economy.

Sierra Space

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