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The Exploration Company, a leading European commercial space company which is developing, manufacturing, and operating a reusable space capsule called ‘Nyx’, and Axiom Space, architect of Axiom Station, the world’s first commercial space station, announced today that they have signed a cargo services pre-booking agreement. It is the first time a European space capsule has been chosen by a commercial space company to develop cargo transportation services from Earth to Space and back to Earth, cementing the position of the rapidly growing private European New Space industry.

As private and public organizations across the globe ramp up the development of their space capabilities, the demand for affordable, and sustainable space transportation is increasing to fuel an economy in low-Earth orbit and further space exploration logistics needs. In this market, the Exploration Company’s reusable space capsule ‘Nyx’ fosters opportunities to make space logistics significantly more accessible, contributing toward European leadership in this vital area of space exploration. The capsule’s engines fueled by “green” propellants also demonstrates the company’s intention to boost the industry with more sustainable innovation.

Hélène Huby, CEO and co-founder of The ExploraDon Company: “We could not be prouder to be the first European space capsule manufacturer and operator to enter into an agreement for cargo services with a future space station operator. We are thankful for the trust that Axiom Space has in our technology, and we cannot wait to fly Nyx to their space sta3on and beyond. Europe and the US have been cooperating for decades in space exploration. It is wonderful that private entities, supported by their respective governments, continue this cooperation which is so strategic for our democracies. This agreement also demonstrates to political leaders that space exploration logistics will be a significant business, and that, provided we invest now, Europe can be one of the global leaders of the building of the new space worlds.”

Matt Ondler, Chief Technology Officer at Axiom Space: “Axiom Space is pleased to partner with The Exploration Company. We believe this effort symbolizes what can be achieved when the U.S. and Europe work together to continue research in microgravity and the development of breakthrough innovations to build a global space economy in low-Earth orbit...” Daniel Neuenschwander, Director of Human & Robotic Exploration at the European Space Agency (ESA): “It’s great to see new, different space actors developing in Europe. Furthermore, it is another example of how a more diverse and competitive landscape is developing in Low Earth Orbit, strengthening the trans-Atlantic cooperation.“

About The Exploration Company

The Exploration Company’s mission is to democra3ze space exploration, making it affordable, sustainable and cooperative. To realize this mission, The Explora3on Company develops, manufactures and operates ‘Nyx’, a modular and reusable orbital vehicle that can eventually be refueled in orbit and uses green propellants. Nyx provides a wide scope of missions ranging from resupplying space stations around the Earth and the Moon, free flying around the Earth or landing in the Moon – and safely coming back to Earth. Nyx starts with flying cargo and has the potential to carry humans.

About Axiom Space

Axiom Space is building for beyond, guided by the vision of a thriving home in space that benefits every human, everywhere. The leading provider of human spaceflight services and developer of human-rated space infrastructure, Axiom Space operates end-to-end missions to the International Space Station today while developing its successor, Axiom Station – the world’s first commercial space station in lowEarth orbit, which will sustain human growth off the planet and bring untold benefits back home.

Source: The Exploration Company

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