Satellogic is a company specializing in Earth-observation satellites, founded in 2010 by Emiliano Kargieman and Gerardo Richarte. The company HQs are based in Buenos Aires Argentina. Satellogic is building a 200+ satellite constellation as a scalable Earth observation platform with the ability to weekly remap the entire planet at high resolution to provide affordable geospatial insights for daily decision making. These satellites, called 'ÑuSat', are equipped with an imaging system operating in visible light and infrared and were developed based on the experience gained on the BugSat 1 (Tita) prototype satellite. Each satellite, built for a three-year service life, collects up to 1,000 scenes per day with a data volume of around 50 MB per scene. As of July 12, 2022, Satellogic NewSat satellites have achieved Multispectral imaging at resolutions of 0.7 m and up with a temporal resolution of seven times daily. The satellites employ S-band for command uplink and two X-band feeds, one at 8030 MHz using a custom protocol for 100 kbit/s telemetry downlink and a high-speed DVB-S2 (Digital Video Broadcasting-Second Generation) channel operating at 8050-8100 MHz for downlink of image products. ÑuSat satellites are manufactured at a facility in Montevideo, Uruguay, data processing is completed in Tel Aviv, Israel and sales departments are situated in different locations including the United States.

Satellite info

Nation: Argentina
Company/operator: Satellogic
Platform/configuration: Microsat
Mass: 40 kg / 88 lb
Orbit: 500 km - 550 km Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
Purpose: Earth observation
Launch vehicles: CZ-4B, Vega, CZ-6, Falcon 9

ÑuSat - Satellogic